Tips for moving in bad weather

Reading this article will prove to have been a great choice when nature decides to surprise you with some unexpected bad weather on your moving day. Unless you plan during a season which is most likely to bring bad weather, in which case you are prepared. As some of the best movers in Toronto, Ontario, here at Let’s Get Moving we have conducted moves on all kinds of weather. From snowstorms to heat waves, from strong winds to dense storms, we have gone through all during the past decade. Not once. And our experience has taught us a lot, believe us when we say that! Our training has contributed to it, but experience still is the most relevant when it comes to bad weather. Here are our most relevant tips for moving in bad weather.

Protect yourself

Regardless of how expensive your electronics or antique furniture are, nothing is more precious than your life and your health. Make sure to always protect yourself during a move! Different seasons bring different challenges in terms of weather and how it affects us. In the summertime, you have high temperatures and humidity, while in wintertime; you have snow, ice, rain, and strong winds. From our experience as movers Toronto area, people usually tend to protect themselves more in the cold season. However, you need to be ready for the extreme heat and humidity, as well. Keep yourself hydrated, wear sunscreen, and wear comfy clothes.

Do the same for your family, especially the kids. In the suitcase or bag that stays with you, keep a bottle of water, a spare T-shirt, sunscreen, and some ponchos for everyone in the family, just in case your moving day brings rain. In wintertime, where the temperatures are low, stay warm! Dress in enough clothes or have some extra available. Keep snow shovels close and save some salt to spread on the sidewalk and stairs, in case they freeze – and make sure to start sprinkling salt one day before the big day. These small, seemingly intuitive measures are very important for keeping you, your family, and the crew of movers safe at all times during the move.

Protect your items

Humidity and water are your biggest enemies during a move. They can severely damage everything, from boxes and everything that is inside them to furniture and appliances. Sun is not your friend, either, although it takes a really long exposure to the sun for your items to be damaged. If you schedule your move during winter, consider having a backup date, in case any snowstorm or other extreme weather condition will lead to a cancellation. Talk to the movers you chose in Toronto, Ontario, and they will surely understand and come up with a solution for you. Pack the electronics in waterproof bags before putting them in boxes or bins. This will keep them safe from humidity. Books, notebooks, cardboard boxes, and any other items of this kind should also be kept in sealable plastic bags. Shrink-wrap your clothes to protect them better – and this will also save you a lot of space, so it’s really just a win-win situation. Wrap furniture, large electronics, and appliances in moving blankets and seal everything with shrink wrap. Does all this sound too complicated? Of course, it does. It is quite complicated and it will be time-consuming, as well. And this leads us to the next point.

Hire professional movers in Toronto Area

Managing a move is not by far something easy. From packing to wrapping and from carrying heavy furniture up the stairs to loading the truck, nothing is easy unless you are a professional. Bad weather will just make everything much more complicated. Professional movers in Toronto, Ontario will ease the process and you can bet they are prepared for anything mother nature could bring! Can you imagine renting a truck and driving it a long distance, during a snowstorm? This is nightmare material. Avoid any situations of this kind and avoid further regrets. Experienced movers will also do the packing for you, if you want them to, so there are even more worries avoided.

If you hire professional movers and packers in Toronto, Ontario, they will bring their own moving supplies. Forget about googling how to shrink wrap a flat-screen TV, because these guys will come fully equipped and ready to roll! Depending on the agreement you sign with the moving company, the moving supplies might even be on the house. And if the weather is bad in any way, don’t worry! The movers in Toronto, Ontario that you chose will work their way through it, without letting anything damage your belongings!

Most people avoid hiring movers in Toronto, Ontario because they believe this service will end up costing a lot. Which is not actually true. You can even find reliable AND cheap movers in Toronto, so you will not have to worry about your move leaving a hole in your pocket. Let’s Get Moving is one of those companies that provide professional services at affordable rates. From packing to moving and even storage, Let’s Get Moving is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for all-inclusive movers in Toronto Area.

If you are still in the planning stages of a move, give Let’s Get Moving a call today. We can help and our rates are affordable and highly competitive.

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