Local SEO Vs. Global SEO: What’s Ideal For Your Business & Why?

Are you a business owner based in Singapore and run a service-related venture where you serve people from your locality? Do you want to maximize your store visits and paid leads and increase visibility online when people from that particular area search for services related to what you are offering? If the answer is yes, then SEO is the way for you to move forward. Just note one important thing here. You cannot use normal SEO tactics for promoting a local business. Even if you try, you won’t get the desired results at all. So, learn the difference between local SEO and normal SEO immediately and hire a local SEO company to optimize your business website.

Local SEO Vs SEO

Both sound same but are very different from each other. While the SEO or search engine optimization helps you grow your online visibility across the globe without discriminating any geographical location, the local SEO ensures that you reach out to users located in a particular area. It doesn’t affect rankings at a global level, but only in a particular area.

Local SEO wasn’t popular in the past but the last ten years or so have brought a lot changes in search trends. During this period, many local businesses opted for Google’s help to expand their reach. This prompted the largest search engine in the world to push its local SEO services.

If you own a workshop, clinic, local store or anything that serves a limited number of people in a particular area, then local SEO is the best way to move forward. It involves creating your website, Google My Business listings, social media pages, etc. A skilled SEO professional with thorough knowledge of local listings and traffic can help you in this regard.

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