Legal Document Translation

The need for translation services is on the rise due to the spike in global commerce. Especially in the last decade when the boom of the internet changed businesses all over the world, global expansion has become the norm. Almost every industry and sector have relations with foreign parties. More importantly, documentation is a core requirement in almost every legal activity. This is why the demand for translation of legal documents is rising more and more. If you’re familiar with the UK NARIC translation services, you’d know how much importance translations hold in court.

Legal document translation services are needed when an organization has to deal with a party that does not speak the same language. Terminologies and concepts in this niche are complicated and must be translated accurately such that the other party clearly understands every detail.

What type of legal documents can be translated?

The subjects covered by legal document translation services are too many to be stated. Legal documentation, in general, can consist of any order, conditions, transactions, etc. To be more specific, legal documentation that usually needs translation is evidence document, witness statement, certifications, acknowledgements, records, applications, and testaments. While the list does not end here, these are some common types of documents that are translated for legal purposes.

What are the major requirements for legal document translation?

Legal paperwork is very important and holds valuable, accurate information. This makes the procedure of legal document translation complex. If you believe Google Translate can help you with translating a legal document, you are mistaken. This process is highly sensitive and must only be carried out by a professional translator. The requirements of these services are several. Three of them are listed below.

  1. Strict Deadlines. Legal documentation is proposed under a pre-determined period of time that is to be taken seriously. Delay of submission of the translated documents can potentially result in complications and further issues.
  2. The information in legal documents is pitch-perfectly precise and must not be changed even slightly after translation. The translator must provide a translation that does not change the meaning of a statement in any way, nor opt for wordings that may pave the way for a dual meaning.
  3. Reliability and Trustworthiness. Legal documentation sometimes contains information that is highly confidential and must be kept secret. Therefore, it is necessary for you to hire a translator that is reliable and trustworthy.

Kings of Translation provides professional legal document translations.

We here at Kings of Translation offer certified high-quality translation services to our valued clients. Our goal is to provide flawless translations that are free from errors. Our team of highly-skilled, experienced individuals offers 100% confidential services. Even if you’re tight on a deadline, don’t worry! Kings of Translation has got your back. We can provide a perfect translation of your legal documents within 24 hours of notice. With over two decades of experience and 2 million words translated, we guarantee that our translations are the best you can get in the UK. Visit our website and ask for a free quote. You won’t be disappointed with our services!

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