How to Choose the Right Rehabilitation Center?

Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the major problems that affect many countries in the world. In America, about 23.6 people live with drug and alcohol addiction, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA].  Out of these people, only 2 million enter rehabilitation each year.

Making the decision to attend a rehab center for drug or alcohol treatment is a crucial step in overcoming the addiction. For you to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction, you have to choose the right rehabilitation center, which can help you recover. Choosing the right rehab is crucial as it can help speed up your recovery. Before we look at the top factors to help you choose the right rehab center, let’s see some of the benefits of enrolling in a good rehab center.

  • A stable environment

It is no secret that a good rehab offers a stable and supportive environment. This is crucial for patients recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. This safe and stable environment can help them recover faster.

  • Plenty of therapies and treatments

At rehab facilities, there is plenty of treatment and therapies to suit every addict’s needs. These therapies generally help patients change their attitudes, behaviors, beliefs about substance abuse. These therapies include behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, contingency management, etc.

  • 24/7 medical benefit

Another incredible benefit of rehab centers is that they offer 24/7 medical support. This is very important as it can help prevent relapse in addicts with severe addictions.

  • Aftercare

Aftercare is crucial care that addicts need after their alcohol treatment. Rehab centers know how important it is. That’s why they offer it. The rehab will prepare the patient as they start their alcohol-free or drug-free life. Aftercare can prevent relapse.

 Now that we have explored the benefits of enrolling in a rehab center program, let’s delve into factors that can help you select the right rehab center for your treatment.

  • Accreditation

This is the first thing that you should look for in a rehab center. The center should be accredited. Check for the Joint Commission Behavioral Health accreditation. This is the highest certification for addiction and mental health service facilities. The accreditation shows that the boards of external experts have deemed the center’s treatment facilities and staff as perfect.

  • Fees

You must also consider the fee that the rehab center is charging. Additionally, you should confirm if your insurance covers the services you want. Find out if the coverage they offer and the drug rehab facilities they allow. Usually, the cost of treatment depends on various factors such as the type of the rehabilitation center, the kind of treatments they offer, its location, size of the program, length of the program, and some of the amenities available at the center, e.g., swimming pool, gym, and massage therapy.

  • The environment

Before you choose a rehab center, ensure that the center is clean, feels comfortable, and has the right tools. The center’s environment plays a significant role in your recovery, and can even prevent you from relapsing. A comfortable and sober center makes the patients focus on nothing but their recovery.

  • The staff

When it comes to choosing a rehab center, look for a center that has staff whom you can trust to help you recover. You should assess reviews of each staff from the counselors to nurses to other caregivers. If you have the right team by your side, it will help reduce any trust barrier between you and them, making your recovery journey a smooth one. You should also know the client-to-staff ratio. A good rehab center should have a 3:1 client to staff ratio. This makes it easy to attend to every patient.

  • Treatment techniques

Treatment techniques include traditional, holistic, or a combination of both.  Before you choose a rehab center, find out the treatment methods that they have. If you prefer a natural recovery, a holistic treatment approach would be the best option.

  • Length of treatment

Choose a rehabilitation center that doesn’t speed up your recovery, but instead, allows you to recover at your own pace. If your insurance is paying the cost of treatment, remember some insurance providers set a specific duration for treatment. Fortunately, there are rehab centers that work with insurance providers to get you the right period for your treatment.

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