For The Love Of Maple Syrup: Check Some Amazing Details Here!

If you love that extra dose of sweetness in your pancakes, waffles, and salads, you definitely need maple syrup in your kitchen stash. Before you go ahead and count calories, let’s add here that maple syrup is indeed high on sugar and calories, but it is always a better choice when compared to refined sugar, because it does contain some nutrients and antioxidants. Brands like sell high-quality maple syrup and products like maple vinegar, maple pickled cranberries, and maple mustard, which are worth every penny spent.

Why is maple syrup expensive than other sweeteners?

Well, maple syrup is pure natural sweetener, which is derived from maple trees. It is a seasonal produce, which means that it is only possible to make maple syrup during specific period of the year, typically between February and April. Also, maple syrup is mostly sourced from Quebec, Canada. In fact, more than 80% of world’s maple syrup produce comes from that region and sold elsewhere, which probably justifies the price rise. Note that there are fake maple syrups in the market, often sold under the garb of pancake syrups. These are nothing but standard sweeteners that may have some maple flavor.

Buying maple syrup

If you want to buy the best maple syrup, you have to know of the grading. Grade B maple syrup is no longer easily found in the market. It is harvested in the last leg of the season and is extremely high in flavor. Mostly, grade B maple syrup is sold for commercial use in bakeries and confectionaries. What you can choose between is the different kinds of Grade A maple syrups. The golden color syrup is high in sweetness but doesn’t have the strong maple flavor. If you want to cook, bake or use maple syrup as a dressing, you can go for amber or dark-colored variants that are stronger in flavor. Also, it is highly recommended to shop for organic maple products, which do cost a tad more but are worth paying for the quality alone.

How to use maple syrup?

Well, you can take a spoonful of maple syrup and have as a quick snack, or simply drizzle on pancakes, waffles, meats or almost anything edible. Bacon can be cooked with maple syrup in various ways, and you can use the syrup as a dressing for your boring salads.

In most homes, this is a good alternative to otherwise cheaply available corn syrup.

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