Different Types of Puzzle Games

For centuries, puzzle games have challenged gamers. Currently, different games are accessible online, unlike in the recent past, where there were limited games. Today’s puzzles are very addictive and come in different sizes, shapes, and types. Below is a list of some of the different types of puzzle games you should check out.


To play this game, you have to select the area where you want to place a line using a mouse. It is essential to avoid placing it anywhere that might make the computer close the square. You have to try to play against the computer and defeat it. Your main aim in this puzzle game is to beat the computer when it comes to closing more boxes.


In this puzzle game, colored nodes have to be connected to wiggy lines seen in the game. There are rows and columns which contain objects which split and redirect the lines in different directions. These rows and columns have to be slid.


When it comes to this puzzle game, you have to create your own solutions. Colorful dots are seen on the bare screen. You are required to avoid touching a single black dot while drawing an animated pattern that hits all the dots.


This puzzle game has few twists and turns despite the fact that it looks cool and calm. It requires innovative thinking while playing it. Each game contains a sapling that starts growing upwards as it is stuck on the ground. You have the responsibility of guiding it towards the light.

Brain It On

 To succeed at every level in this game, you have to think outside the box. You have to draw weighted objects, lines, shapes, or whatever is required to solve each screen. The game can be played collaboratively and has multiple solutions.

 Bust a Move

A pointer introduced by the online match-three puzzle game mechanic is right at the bottom of the screen, which spins on it. The goal is to ensure you match all the colors by removing them before they reach you.


In this puzzle game, gamers unfold one or more shapes to reach the goal. The shapes disappear with every move. As the levels are upgraded, the shapes become more complex.


The game is very innovative as it is unique compared to the rest of the puzzles. You have three waveforms when the chiptune plays. To combine the two waveforms with the third, you have to manipulate two of the waveforms when the music starts to faint.


In this game, the celestial bodies surrounding the black holes have to be a slingshot. While graving does its work, they leave colored trails in the wake. Soon, planet clustering are seen creating minimalist art, and they are also noted to have more black dots.


To play this bright and attractive game, you have to make sure the space-time reaches a safe exit by manipulating it. Also, a different astronaut version is created in different timeframes and locations by the time warp portals.