Considerable Upsides That Clients Enjoy After Legal Practitioners Set Up Their Private LLCs

As with each passing day, modern technology makes business information more and more accessible to the public; several business owners consider privately opening up LLCs to protect their businesses from unauthorized intrusive activities. Anonymity can be a great asset when it comes to businesses. In most states, the members of an LLC are recorded by the Secretary of State, and this information is just a search away from anyone who can type. Herein lies the importance of opening an anonymous LLC.

What are anonymous LLCs?

A Limited Liability Company or an LLC is a business entity that combines the elements of a sole proprietorship, general partnerships, and corporation endowing the business owner with the benefits of each of these. An LLC is taxed in the very same way as a sole proprietorship or a partnership because the owners of the LLC put any profits or losses by the company into their personal tax returns. The LLC itself is not a taxable body.

Opening an LLC anonymously makes sure that the state does not publicly identify the LLC owners. Several states such as:

  • Alabama,
  • Delaware,
  • Colorado,
  • Nevada,
  • Iowa,
  • Georgia,
  • Ohio,
  • Missouri,
  • Virginia,
  • Wyoming, and
  • New Mexico,

Allow for the formation of private LLCs where the information about the owners and members remains private. In such a case, the names of neither the owners nor the managers of a limited liability company are registered in the public database.

What are the benefits of opening an LLC anonymously?

Opening an LLC anonymously endows one with all the benefits of an LLC along with the added perks of anonymity from the public records. We shall discuss the benefits of having an LLC account in general and an anonymous LLC in particular in this section. The advantages of an LLC are as follows:

  • An LLC protects the owners and members from attaching personal liability from the business activities and limits their liabilities.
  • Since the IRS allows for more tax deductions in the case of an LLC, it is more advantageous than a sole proprietorship or a partnership as far as taxes are concerned.
  • LLCs allow for the flexibility needed to run a business by bringing in partners at well-defined and clearly differentiated levels. They also provide the opportunity to separate different assets and business functions.
  • An LLC can survive you in case of death from incapacitation. Thus it is a cost-efficient way to benefit your family or estate from your business.

Apart from this, there are a few benefits exclusive to anonymous LLCs which can be pretty lucrative to business owners, such as:

  • The attorney/client privilege allows the scope to limit disclosure of information in a legal context to ensure better legal immunity.
  • The privacy of the business owners is protected in the case of a private LLC, which maintains confidentiality.
  • Setting up an LLC anonymously restricts anyone from accessing the information about the LLC owners on the internet, which prevents the possibility of the business owners being harassed due to business issues.


An anonymous LLC can provide you a considerable level of privacy while doing business. However, it should be noted that these practices do not guarantee absolute privacy from the government. It is a legal mechanism that helps you as a business owner to hide in plain sight while conducting business.

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