A complete review of Wow services

If you are a resident of the Midwest region of the US, you must have heard of wow cable and the Internet. Wow is an acronym for wide open west. Most wow customers say that it is the best option for availing TV Internet and phone services. The unfortunate part of Wow is that it is currently not available all over the US. Therefore, you will have to check if wow provides services in your area or not. Wow is pretty well known for not placing data caps and providing reasonable and affordable bundle plans to the customers.

Why should you opt for wow services?

  • Wow does not have data caps
  • Provides Internet speed that is above average
  • The bundle plans are highly affordable

Why should you not opt for wow?

  • The current customers of Wow have mixed reviews about the same.
  • The availability of Wow is not in all the states.
  • If you want to opt for the best price, you will have to sign up for an agreement of either one or two years.

Wow, Internet, TV, and phone plans

Wow is much friendlier on the wallet compared to many other Internet service providers. Wow has also consistently maintained higher consumer ratings than all the other ISP’s. They do not impose data caps on their customers, meaning that customers can use the Internet as much as they want without constantly worrying about the internet data getting over. If you do not wish to go for the long-term agreement plans, you can opt for the monthly plans.

Wow has not restricted itself to providing only TV, Internet, and phone services to its users. Through their F secure program, wow also provides online voicemail management, security features, and email features.

Internet speed and performance

Wow, maybe a small network, but it ranks amongst the top 10 in case of Internet speed. Currently, wow is most prevalent in cities like Augusta, Canton, Chicago, Charleston, Cleveland, Clearwater, Columbus, Clinton Township, Dearborn, Columbus, Elgin, Knoxville, Evansville, Naperville, Saint Petersburg, Panama City, Warren, and Sterling Heights.

What you must know when opting for Wow cable and Internet services

30-day money-back guarantee

The best part of wow is that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to their customers. If you are not ready to commit yourself to Wow, you can choose to sign up for the 30-day money-back guarantee option. Within thirty days, if you do not like their service, you can unsubscribe from wow and get back your money. However, if you opt for the two-year agreement of wow and then decide to cancel before the 24-month period is up, you will have to pay a termination fee. The termination fee may go as high as $345. However, the rule is only applicable in the 24-month plan.

Limited options in case of basic cable

Wow offers no data caps, high reliability, and high speeds to its customers. This is the reason behind more and more people opting for wow. However, for those who only want the basic cable TV package, wow can come off as a little expensive because the premium and the sports channels are not a part of the basic package. If the customer chooses to add these channels to their basic cable TV package, they will have to pay extra.

Wow TV plans

There are three different TV plans available for the customers of Wow. The customer can choose whichever one suits their price bracket and preferences.

Small cable

The small cable plan of wow only offers 90 basic channels for the users. It does not include any premium channel or sports channel. The Weather Channel also is excluded from the small cable package. Therefore, if you are looking for a combination of all types of channels, you should not go for the small cable package of wow TV.

Medium cable channel

The medium cable channel is a better option than the small one. It offers 150 channels and contains some family channels like travel channels Nickelodeon etcetera. However, the price increases relatively high when switching from the basic to medium cable.

Large cable channel

Large cable channel of wow offers over 260 channels to the users. If you are a hardcore lover of sports, you should go for the large cable channel. It contains some fantastic sports channels like Viceland, NFL Network etcetera. Again, you have the choice of adding one premium channel of your choice like HBO, Cinemax commerce Showtime, et cetera.

If you want to change your cable and Internet TV service provider, you should check out wow. The absence of data caps in the case of wow makes it an excellent option for those who need the Internet. They provide a relatively high speed of downloads in most areas that they cover.

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